Yesterday, No12 hair salon opened its doors to customers, in Devoldfabrikken just outside Ålesund city. So exiting to see my design being built :-) Still some details left to be built, and products to be fitted, but it is going to be fabulous!
Just saying…they have a DJ booth in the back of the salon ;-) I was there yesterday morning, and the DJ was already playing, so cool!
   The salon is 150m2, located in an old factory building, and the ceiling is over 4 meters high. To prevent a sterile and cold feeling, it has been very important to to divide the space into different zones, and to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
Covering the walls with fabric, is one way of giving the space a soft, enclosed and luxurious feel.
When I was asked to design this salon, my client had already ordered some of the furniture, like a bunch of massive wood logs. I just had fun, and made a unique product shelf by the entrance. :)
 The salon from above, where you can see the different zones.
 The Italian salon furniture already picked out by my client, was the start point and inspiration for me when designing this salon.
And also, the fantastic photographs! Hair and styling.. all  done by my talented client! I designed some huge metal easels for the 1 by 1 meter pictures. These easels are actually something I have planned for my own living room as well. ;)
 The huge dream lamps from Moooi and Santa and Cole fits  perfectly into the salon`s New York studio style ;) Quite expencive, but definitely a wow factor!
 Since the waitng area is placed near the windows, I chose some large, rotating and embracing lounge chairs, giving  the customers a feeling of privacy. Tailor made magazine racks, leans against the wall, and can easily be moved around.
This shelf is also on my «to make» list in my ongoing private home renovation project;-) I will give you a tutorial here on the blog when I have made one!
To create even more privacy, I made a box in the middle of the room,. Inside the box… the wash area, with massage chairs and a dark, star light ceiling :)
The valnut veneered box  becomes a multi functional room divider and a decorative backwall at the reception.
on the other side of the box.., the cutting stations, away from passers-by outside the salon.
In the back of the room, the DJ booth is placed on top of another valnut box.., the  color mixing station /staff room box.
At Goodwin&Goodwin you can order light bulb letters in any shape or size, so I made the logo of No12 in 80cm high letters to be placed on top of the DJ box. Cool right?
When I visited No12 yesterday, I only got some snap shots with my phone.
Do you find any inspiration and ideas at all from my public space projects…?
I hope so! :)
I always get ideas for my home from hotels, salons, restaurants and other public spaces.
It`s Friday again, yeah!! Have a wonderful weekend!
  • Tonje G

    24. oktober 2014 at 10:14 Svar

    Kjempe mye inspirasjon. Det er alltid like kjekt å se prosjektene dine.:) Nytenkende ideer overalt. Nydelig

  • Olivia

    21. november 2014 at 06:49 Svar

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